About Ginny

My life long love of vintage began in my teens when I’d spend hours at my granny’s house searching through the mountains of clothes that filled her attic. Bags of her old dresses, family heirlooms handed down the generations, charity shop finds and more. The thrill of discovering a total one off or just the dress you were looking for has never left me.

I started Retrouvé a couple of years ago by hosting vintage clothes parties. Soon I was selling at events like Clerkenwell Vintage Fashion Fair, Dalston Department Store, Jumble & Pearls and The Stylist’s Rail. Now I also run my own shop, just round the corner from my house.

I hand pick everything myself, definitely no generic vintage stock. The clothes come from all over- French flea markets, a fashion lecturer’s private collection and designer clothes that friends and customers want to recycle.

I’m also a personal shopper, so I can go and hunt down special items by request, including vintage wedding dresses.

I’m passionate about the ethical and ecological side of vintage – it’s the antidote to disposable high-street fashion. Well made and well looked after clothes can last for decades and I love recycling these beautiful pieces.